A Radical Welcome for those with the Least : Paul Morrison of JPIT

This is a brief summary of the key note address by Paul Morrison at Spring Synod 2016 in the Newcastle upon Tyne District.  Links are provided to various reports that were used in the presentation.

Our Attitudes to the Poor

or how… Ministers are a bit strange… and we should try to learn from them.

Church goers and the general public think very similar… that poverty is inevitable and so nothing can be done or that it is because of laziness.

Clergy think it is overwhelmingly due to injustice with only 1% believing it is because of laziness.

The Lies we tell Ourselves


Rethink Sanctions

A Radical Welcome?

  • Where we make no assumptions
  • Where all are prepared to be changed
  • Where we listen to each others stories

From the Leeds Poverty Truth Commission – A Story in a Name

Cover image from this report.

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