Portable Baptistry

District Resource : Portable Baptistry

Elaine Lindridge brought to our attention a new district resource which feels very much like a prophetic purchase.  The portable baptistry is available to every church across the district for no charge.  To book the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Methodist District portable baptistry please follow these simple steps. 1. Send an email to Julie at Cullercoats Methodist Church […]

Pioneer Pathways : Ian Bell

Rev Ian Bell shared with us from the Methodist Pioneer Pathway and its importance within the life of the church. How can I get invovled? More information can be found here. Methodist Pioneering Pathways: A Short Introduction from Methodist Church in Britain on Vimeo.

Elaine Lindridge

Synod invites Elaine Lindridge to continue as District Evangelism Enabler

At the autumn synod it was agreed to invite Elaine Lindridge to continue as District Evangelism Enabler for a further 5 years. It was noted how many have benefited from Elaine’s ministry across the district and there was excitment at what God has instore for both Elaine and the distirct over the next 5 years. […]

South Sudan Church

Extravagant Generosity : Autumn Representative Synod 2017

Autumn Synod met on the 9th September at Emmanuel College in Gateshead. The theme for the day was Extravagant Generosity which continues the theme from the work of Robert Schnase on the five practices of fruitful congregations. Stephen Lindridge began with a story told by Rev Roger Walton from South Sudan where after villagers had hidden from those who had come to kill …

District NewsletterAugust 2017

[ad_1] District NewsletterDistrict NewsletterAugust 2017A very warm welcome to all our new ministers and their families who are now in our District. Marie Attwood, Antony Oakley and Joy Sykes to SENEA, Rosemary Nash and her husband Paul to Sunderland, Huw Sperring and his wife Hilary and children Lucy and Elle and also Deborah Wainwright to […]


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ECG North East

ECG North East

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