Reset the Debt Campaign

The Joint Public Issues Team (Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, URC and Baptist Union) have launched a new campaign relating to the financial struggles the most vulnerable in our society are facing because of Covid 19.

An estimated six million people in the UK have been swept into debt as a result of Covid-19, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households. The financial impact of lockdown fell hardest on people living on low incomes and those with little or no savings. This has led to a large and growing problem of household debt. 19 per cent – almost one in five – of households borrowed to buy food or other essentials in July alone. Six million people have fallen behind on rent, council tax and other household bills because of coronavirus.

Reset the Debt is asking the Chancellor of the Exchequer to set up a Jubilee Fund to write off the debts of the most vulnerable so they can establish a stable footing as the country tries to recover rather than being plunged into further poverty.

We are asking people to write to their MP and the Chancellor using the image of the Stable from the Christmas story. Information about what we are asking people to do, the campaign and the sample letters are available below.

For further information contact Deacon Tracey Hume  Tel 07584662564

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