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ECG North East

ECG North East

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Risk-Taking Mission and Service Synod Seminars : Property

We heard from a number of churches who have looked at their buildings and how they could be used better, changed or developed. Chester-El-Street Methodist Church Identifying an outreach project that would draw people into the church saw the development of the building for a purpose other than ‘just’ worship and allowed a new building dedicated to this work. Monkton …

Risk-Taking Mission and Service Synod Seminars : Together Weekends

Rev Pat Brooks shared her experience of the two Together weekends that have taken place in the district so far.  These are a time of sharing faith together with those inside the church to empower us to go out and share our faith outside the church.  Other sessions looked at praying for each other and prayer walking around the building. Rev …

Risk-Taking Mission and Service Synod Seminars : St Andrew’s Centre

Kathryn Stephens share the story of Southwick St Andrew’s Methodist Church and it’s partnership with Sunderland Community Church and the Eden project.  There have been some big decisions made and there will be ongoing conversations about the future but Kingdom work is being done. You can read more at the links below. Sunderland Circuit Eden Southwark on Facebook