Pioneer Pathways : Ian Bell

Rev Ian Bell shared with us from the Methodist Pioneer Pathway and its importance within the life of the church.

Why Pioneer Mission?
There is plenty of need to reach and meet those who will not find there way into a church. People are out there in our local communities who are open to spirituality and faith but church in its traditional form is not right for them.

Who is a Pioneer?
Anyone! they are lay and ordained, young and old and from many different backgrounds.

What is Methodist Pioneering Pathways?
A form of training for those interested in pioneering ministry. It invovles coaching, shared practice groups and some formal learning.

How can I get invovled?

  • Pray for those involved.
  • Seek to reach your community.
  • Find out about thos who are already invovled.
  • Release resources. Money, time, energy.

More information can be found here.

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