Coaching Taster Session – Monday 26th September 2022, 9.30am to 12noon

A taster session which gives you an insight into the skills needed to be a great coach.

Do you enjoy helping others develop and reach their potential? Are you a good listener, but keen to develop your active listening skills? Have you noticed how great questions open up a conversation? Then you may have the potential to be a great coach. This taster session is there to help you decide if being a coach is for you.

Coaching is a gift we can offer one another as we seek to become a growing, evangelistic, justice-seeking church of gospel people. Coaches help people reflect on their practice through structured conversations, asking great questions, and holding people accountable to the action points they have set themselves. It’s not about having all the answers, or about giving good advice, but about guiding people as they reflect, act, and reflect again. The Evangelism and Growth Team, in partnership with the Learning Network, are investing significant time and money in training coaches, as we believe this is a gift from which most if not all Methodist leaders could benefit.

Elaine will then be helping to lead courses to train and equip coaches. In order to access the full course, you need to engage with a taster session first. To book your place on this taster session visit eventbrite

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