Warm Spaces

As energy prices and other living costs soar we know that many people will become even more financially vulnerable. Gateshead Council and others are now trying to work with local community groups and organisations including faith groups, to establish a network of Warm Spaces where people can find a warm welcome, a free hot drink, possibly a hot snack and somewhere to charge their mobile phone.

Many churches in our District are either in then process of making their building a Warm Space for a session a week or are thinking about it.

Tracey recently helped lead a Connexional webinar on the why? How? And what? Of Warm Spaces and the link to a recording of this and other related resources can be found at https://www.methodist.org.uk/our-work/our-work-in-britain/evangelism-growth/respond-to-the-energy-crisis-this-winter/

Tracey is also available to advise in the District if your church is considering looking at this as a ministry for the next few months.

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