Carols on the Doorstep

Thank you for your interest in Carols on the Doorstep in partnership with Premier Radio.

Our event is being held on Sunday 20th December at 5:30pm for about 15 minutes and we will sing about 4 carols.

The poster is available for you to download below for advertising on social media and around your community as well as an invitation and carol sheet which you can use to invite others on your street to join in.

We are aware there are other similar events happening in some parts of the country including doorstep carols which originated in Shropshire and these are being held on the 16th December at 6pm and is for 30 minutes. We are more than happy for people to choose which they feel works best for them and their community in terms of date and time and length. We know many areas cannot get their local radio station on board which was why we ended up partnering with Premier, we didn’t want any communities not to be able to participate.

We look forward to communities coming together on either date and having a good carol sing and bringing some joy.

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